How do you cook Benton’s country ham?

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Place ham in hotel pan and add enough hot water so the ham is halfway submerged. Turn oven to 250 degrees. Cook for 24 hours flipping ham every six hours. Day six: Remove ham from oven, unwrap, let cool for a bit then don thermal gloves and begin plundering the ham.

Can you eat Benton’s country ham Raw?

Hog + Salt + Smoke sounds so simple, but to achieve the divine complexity of this ham takes the dedication, skill, patience, and GENIUS of Allan Benton! Unlike Smithfield’s ham, Benton’s one can be eaten raw, unsoaked, just like prosciutto.

How long does it take to bake country ham?


  1. Place ham in a large container; cover with cold water.
  2. Preheat oven to 325 degree F.
  3. Bake ham, covered, in the preheated oven for 4 to 4-1/2 hours or until the meat thermometer registers 160 degree F.
  4. For glaze, combine brown sugar and ground cloves.

Do you fry country ham in oil?


Do not remove the fat from the slices and do not add oil or butter to the skillet. Turn the heat down to medium, cook on one side for about 2 1/2 minutes, turn the slices over and cook 21/2 minutes on the other side.

Is country ham precooked?

Preparing Your Country Ham

Spiral Sliced Country Hams are pre-sliced and ready to serve. No heating is required.

Do you soak country ham?

Whole country hams are typically soaked in water for up to 24 hours, in order to add moisture and remove some of that salt.

Can you eat country ham raw?

The same regulations govern all dry-cured hams produced in the United States, whether country or prosciutto style. Dry-curing with salt helps prevent bacterial growth, making the hams safe to eat uncooked.

How long will country ham keep in refrigerator?

After one year, the ham is safe but the quality may suffer. An uncooked, cut country ham can be refrigerated for two to three months or frozen for one month. A cooked Country Ham should be refrigerated for seven days and or frozen for one month. Freezer storage time is for quality only.

What temperature should you cook a country ham?

Cook slowly (about 325 degrees) and bring to a slow boil.

  1. Cook approximately 20 minutes per pound of ham.
  2. The ham will be done when it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.
  3. Remove skin and allow to cool in liquid in which it was cooked.
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What temperature do you cook a country ham?

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place ham in a large disposable turkey-roasting pan and add enough Dr. Pepper to come about halfway up the side of the ham. Add pickle juice if you’ve got it and tent completely with heavy-duty foil.

Why is my country ham tough?

Do not overcook the ham! — it will make the ham tough and dry. Many people who say they don’t like fried country ham have simply been the victim of an overzealous cook: brown the meat, don’t turn it to shoe leather. If the ham is too salty for your taste, soak the slices in milk or water for 30 minutes before cooking.

How long does Benton’s ham last?

The ham will retain its original quality in your refrigerator, vacuum sealed, for approximately 2 months. For longer storage, the ham can be frozen or you can use the method that my grandmother passed down to me.

Is country ham salty?

Is country ham salty? Country ham is salty to taste. The comes from the curing process, as salt is what cures the ham. Keep in mind most would recommend washing or soaking the ham prior to cooking.

How do you slice a country ham?

The proper way to slice any ham is parallel to the Aitchbone. Ham is most tender when sliced this way rather than straight across. The butt portion is best for baking and breakfast slices and the shank slices for biscuit portion and cubing.

What is the difference between country ham and regular ham?

Country ham has a deep, rich and intensely salty flavor that is dry-cured over a long period. City hams are cured in a solution of salt, water, preservatives and various sweet or savory flavors and usually are smoked over hardwoods like maple or hickory for a well-rounded, smoky flavor.

Is country ham a processed meat?

It’s a pork product that comes from pigs’ legs. The red meat is usually preserved with salt or smoke, though this process varies depending on the type. Since it’s a processed meat, you may wonder whether ham is good for you.

How do you cook Edwards ham?

To heat: Place ham in roasting pan with the cut surface down. Do not cover. Put ham in oven for 30-45 minutes. Take ham from oven, cover with foil, and let rest 15 minutes.

How long should you boil country ham?

Bring to a boil, then turn heat down to JUST SIMMER and cover with a lid. Let the ham simmer 20 minutes per pound. DO NOT BOIL–just simmer–this is important. Consider simmering 15 minutes per pound if boiling half of a country ham or the boneless center section.

Can you boil a country ham to get the salt out?

Try boiling the ham.

Cut the ham into large chunks and place the meat in a pot of boiling water. Boil the ham for about ten minutes. This can help leach out any remaining salt.

Can you freeze country ham slices?

If the ham is to be sliced, we recommend storing all the slices in a freezer, wrapped 2 to 3 slices per package in freezer paper or a zip lock bag. A frozen whole country ham can be thawed, sliced or cooked, and frozen again without affecting quality or taste of the meat.

Do you have to cook a dry cured ham?

The answer, in short, is if it is cured, smoked or baked, ham is considered “pre-cooked,” and would not technically need to be cooked. This includes the ham that is purchased at the deli. In fact, most ham that is sold to consumers is already cured, smoked or baked.

How do you tell if your ham is cooked?

For raw and fresh ham, bake at 325°F until a food thermometer inserted into the meat reads 145°F.

How do you cook country ham slices in the microwave?

TO MICROWAVE: Slices can be cooked in package after puncturing 2 to 3 times with a fork or cut 1/2 inch slit in top of package. Microwave on high for 2 min. 15 seconds.

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How long does vacuum packed country ham last?

Both plastic-wrapped and vacuum-packaged hams must be refrigerated. A plastic-wrapped ham will keep about one week. A vacuum-packaged ham should be consumed by the “use by” date or within 1 week after the “sell by” date.

Why is country ham so salty?

Country hams are salt-preserved, meaning that they are dried in salt. This makes them too salty for consumption. To remove the salt, you need to soak the ham.

Does country ham have mold on it?

Country cured ham develops an unattractive layer of mold during the long curing and drying process due to the high salt content and low temperatures. This is normal and an indication of proper aging, much like fine cheeses. However, the mold resulting from the aging must be removed before the meat is cooked.

What side dish goes well with ham?

30 Best Side Dishes for Ham

  • Mashed Potatoes.
  • Scalloped Potatoes.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole.
  • Green Bean Casserole.
  • Roasted Asparagus.
  • Spaghetti Squash.
  • Honey Glazed Carrots.
  • Dinner Rolls.

How do I cook Clifty Farms country ham?

Oven Method

Place single slice of Clifty Farm Country Ham slices in oven safe pan. Add equal parts carbonated cola* and water to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover with aluminum foil to retain juiciness. Bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour.

How do I cook country cured salt ham?

Place ham in a large cooking vessel, skin side down. Cover ham with water. Bring water temperature to 180 – 185 degrees F. Cook at this temperature for 20 – 25 minutes per pound until temperature at center of largest muscle is 150 – 155 degrees F.

Should I rinse ham before cooking?

Preheat the oven to 325°F. You don’t need to wash a ham before baking. If you ask us, baked ham is delicious even when you leave it plain; however, scoring a diamond pattern with a chef’s knife in the outer layer and brushing on a glaze during baking makes the ham a showy centerpiece and adds flavor.

How do you keep ham moist?

Rather than pre-bathing the ham, or basting it throughout the cooking process, add a half cup of stock, wine, or water to the bottom of the pan while it’s cooking, which will infuse moisture into the meat throughout the baking process.

Should I slice my ham before baking?

Wait, don’t slice the ham just yet! If you slice it and then put it back in the oven to keep it warm while your family is gathering at the table, the ham can dry out, says Chef Joshua Smith, owner of New England Charcuterie and director of culinary innovation for Alltown Fresh convenience market.

What is Bentons bacon?

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams are slow-cured and dry-cured to let the tasty natural flavors shine as they should. Each ham is cured with salt and brown sugar, then aged nine months to one year. Made in Tennessee since 1947.

What is Benton’s bacon?

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams are all aged at least one year, and his bacon is cured with a mixture of salt and brown sugar, aged at least 10 days, and smoked with intense, almost-burnt hickory from small wood-burning stoves.

Where is the bone guard in a ham?

Bone guards are placed over the exposed bone to protect the food packaging from puncturing and causing leakage. Used with a variety of meat packaging solutions, including hams, preformed trays, and multivac type packaging.

Why is it called country ham?

The first official reference to country ham appeared in print in 1944, and it alluded to a method of smoking and dry-curing ham in rural regions, like Kentucky, Virginia, and nearby states. Today, country ham refers to the way our ham is preserved rather than a specific location.

What is the best liquid to cook ham in?

To boil, place the ham in a large pot or Dutch oven in which the meat will fit fairly tight, and then cover it with cold liquid. Add desired flavorings. The liquid used for boiling can be plain water, water seasoned with herbs and spices, stock, or water with the addition of ingredients such as wine or fruit juices.

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Can you over boil ham?

Can You Overcook a Ham? Yes you can. Make sure to simmer at a low temperature and for not longer than necessary. Its harder to over cook a ham when you are boiling it, but it is possible!

Do you cook a ham at 325 or 350?

Cooking Temperature and Time: If the ham is a half ham weighing between 5 to 7 pounds, it should be heated at 325°F for 18-24 minutes per pound. If it is a whole ham weighing between 10 to 14 pounds, heat the ham at 325°F for 15-18 minutes per pound.

How long should you soak a ham before cooking?

If you do want to soak the ham then allow 8 hours for a very small joint and up to 24 hours for a large one. Make sure the gammon is kept cold during the soaking and the water needs to be changed every 6-8 hours (change halfway through for smaller joints).

What is red eye gravy made of?

Traditionally, red eye gravy is made by frying up a thick slice of country ham, then mixing the ham drippings with strongly brewed black coffee to deglaze the pan. The mixture is then simmered for several minutes, reducing down to a dark brown gravy.

How do I remove a country ham hock?

You can remove the hock if you desire, I usually don’t. Soak completely covered in cold water for 24 hours under refrigeration or in a big cooler with ice, changing the water three times, or every eight hours. Place the ham in a large pot hock end up, cover with water and bring to a hard rolling boil.

How do you eat country ham?

Serve with a hot biscuit or toast, this really sets off the taste. Red Eye Gravy is the classic side dish for country ham and is so easy and delicious to make, give it a try! Country ham slices are so thin, make sure you have several to serve per person.

How long will country ham keep in fridge?

After one year, the ham is safe but the quality may suffer. An uncooked, cut country ham can be refrigerated for two to three months or frozen for one month. A cooked Country Ham should be refrigerated for seven days and or frozen for one month. Freezer storage time is for quality only.

Do you need to refrigerate country ham?

Country hams should NOT be refrigerated until they have been cooked or sliced. It is best to store the whole ham hanging in a cool dry place away from animals and insects. We do not recommend you hanging your ham for an extended period of time. The ham will continue to age the longer it hangs and may dry out.

Is country ham healthier than bacon?

Bacon isn’t as high in sodium as country ham, it has about a third of the amount per serving, but it’s still a salty meat that’s generally high in fat. It’s not good for your intestines – or your heart.

Do you have to cook country ham?

Preparing Your Country Ham

Spiral Sliced Country Hams are pre-sliced and ready to serve. No heating is required.

What is the healthiest ham?

Some of the ham that they sell is much healthier than others. The healthiest is their All-Natural Uncured Ham and All-Natural Applewood Smoked Uncured Ham, which are preservative-free and made without nitrates or nitrites. They only contain 70 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 440 milligrams of sodium per serving.

How do you heat a fully cooked country ham?

Cover with tightly with foil. Reheat in a 325-degree oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 135 to 140 degrees. You can also place the ham in an oven bag. Figure no more than 10 minutes per pound for reheating.

How do you get salt out of country ham slices?

First up, the simple route: “Soak the ham in water overnight,” Rose says. You can even soak it for up to 48 hours. “The longer it soaks, the more salt is eliminated.” After the ham soaks, discard the water, and pat the ham dry. “The ham will be significantly less salty,” Rose says.